366Cal .358 Nose Bushing (N358)

366Cal .358 Nose Bushing (N358)
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.358 Nose Bushing (N358) Nose sizing at best is a band-aid fix. The ideal condition is to cast the nose to the size you need. The best idea is to work with your mould temperature and alloy to get the size you want. This is not always possible with your casting method or mould. Nose bushings should be used to reduce the nose size no more than .001" to .0015" at a time. If more is needed more than one size bushing should be used. And a good case lube should always be used. Our Nose Bushings are cut with a minimum radius on the mouth of the opening. If the bushing scrapes / removes material you are trying to size to much at one time. This has been the biggest problem we have had reported with them. You also need to make sure you start the bullet in the bushing square. this can be a problem if you have a nob on the base of the bullet from the sprue. They do not work like a custom nose swage.

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