Digital serial Remote

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The Digital Remote is a compact device that allows complete control of the ProChrono Digital from up to 25 feet away. This product does not have a remote display. Requires one 9 volt battery for operation. •Extend the chronograph control buttons to your bench •Contains a built in wireless infra-red link which interfaces to the optional HP82240B thermal printer for printing statistics and shot velocities for each shot string. •Interfaces with your PC for display of the ProChrono Digital‘s stored shot data via a DB9 serial connection and terminal collection program such as Hyperterminal. A serial to USB converter can be used for newer PC’s without a serial port. •Caches up to 10 keypress commands and remembers them, executing them in order for maximum operational convenience. •Busy/Low Battery/Power On indicator to indicate the status of the PC Remote. •Cancel feature to abort commands in process. •Made in the USA with real service and support.
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