226-100-FN-BN3 5 cavity PB

226-100-FN-BN3 5 cavity PB

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Date Added: Friday 08 June, 2018

by harmon greer

well im not sure what to say here. the bullet mold casts a good bullet fairly quickly. its easy to use and comes up to temperature quickly. the bullets were cast from two seperate alloys (50/50 wheel weight and 92-6-2) and linotype.
twist rate calculator says this load should be stable down to 1000 fps 330 ft above sea level at 90 degrees F With a 1:8 gun. i tried to get them to shoot and they tumbled in the 1:8 and the 1:7 guns. without stable bullets it doesnt matter how easy the mold is to use or how well its made. the bullets just wont shoot for me. they are powder coated and hitech coated without any success with either alloy. until i figure out the problem with these, the mold is a 100 dollar paperweight

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