Welcome to the new NOE Bullet Moulds site.  We had outgrown our old site so decided it was time for a technology refresh.   Please know that NOE remains committed to the things that brought us to this point.  We strive to make best mould you can buy at a price anyone can afford.  All of our products are still made right here in the USA, and we still back our products with the best customer service in the industry.       We have had a lot of questions about the new site so I have added an FAQ here.

Existing customers will need to reset their password as we made no attempt to copy passwords from the old site due to security concerns. 

We are excited about our new home!   With lots of new content and more on the way, we think our customers will find a lot here to like.


One of the most immediate changes, is we have updated our mould IDs.   Moulds are now listed by Nominal Diameter, then weight, then Type, followed by a unique BIN number.   As seen in the illustration.   We had to make this change as the old system was starting to have some duplicates  (358-152-SWC anyone?) and it made discussion and inventory a bit difficult at times.  We have an index of all old names to new names posted here to help with the transition.  We will also be updating all purchase history so the new names are reflected to make sure no-one repurchases the same mould with a new name (Unless of course you wish to).   Also worth noting, the search function is very much improved on the new site so if you are looking for the 358 SquashemflatMagnum #2 – put that in the search.   We have added the ability to search by cartridge etc and are continually updating our search terms for each design.


As shown to the right, we now have all our dimensional diagrams available for use and will continue to add additional dimensional diagrams as new products become available.   For those with very specific requirements it should make finding that perfect fit an easier thing to do.




Our forums also continue to be a place where users can congregate and discuss loads, moulds, cartridges, casting, shooting, and what you’d like to see NOE make next.  Come join the discussion if you haven’t already.   We have migrated all the existing content except PMs (Again privacy concerns) and are ready to serve up new discussions.





As always, we remain committed to the highest standards.  We invite you to check our BBB ratings and our processor verification to know that your data is always protected.


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