Here we will try and answer some of the more common questions we get about our moulds and tools.  If you don’t find an answer here, please ask in the forums.   This section will be updated as new questions arrive.

  What are NOE Moulds made out of?
      We offer moulds in both C360 brass and 2024 Aluminum alloys. All of our brass moulds are noted in the descriptions. If it is not explicitly marked, it is an aluminum mould.   Sprue plates are made of A36 steel.
  What type of Handles do I need or do they come with the mould?
      Unless specifically bundled and labeled as such, Moulds do not come with handles. For Best results, we recommend our premium mould handles.Lee 6 Cavity handles may fit with some minor alteration.
  What is an RG Mould?
      RG moulds are captive pin, tilting pin hollowpoint moulds. These allow for much faster casting of quality hollowpoint bullets than typical lyman style moulds.
  What are the options that I am asked about when purchasing a mould?
          Drill for probe
      NOE recommends the use of a temperature probe to get consistant castings.  By holding the temperature of the mould steady, casting dimensions vary less than when casting with a mould subject to larger temperature fluxuations.   NOE sells a digital thermostat and probes to fit any mould drilled for a probe.  You can move a single probe between moulds or purchase a probe for each mould you use and leave them attached.
         Lyman RCBS Top Punch
      This is a top punch for Lyman, Ideal, and RCBS style lube and size tools.   Our top punches are cut using the same tooling as our moulds for a perfect match and no marks left on the nose of your bullet when sizing.
          Mould Wrench and Sprue Plate Lube
      We use a standard allen wrench for all our screws.  In addition to needing this wrench to install or remove handles, you will occasionally need it to tighten the sprue plate as they tend to work loose over time.   Sprue plate lube is used on the underside of the sprue plate and top of the mould to prevent binding or galling that can scar the mould.
          Saeco Style Top Punch
      This is a top punch for Saeco lube and size tools.   Our top punches are cut using the same tooling as our moulds for a perfect match and no marks left on the nose of your bullet when sizing.  These will not fit Lyman, Ideal, Star, or RCBS Sizers.
  What are the two numbers (dimensions) on the Expander Plugs for?
      The first number on an expander plug defines the size shelf that it creates for the bullet to sit in.  #1-bullet diameter should always be +.001 to +.002.   The second number is the neck tension.  This should always be #2 – bullet diameter = -.003 to -.005.   If the shelf dimenison is too small shaving of bullets will occur.  If the neck tension is too little (-.002 or greater) proper ignition and burn may not be achived.
  Which mould is right for my gun?
      Each gun is a rule unto itself so without having your gun in hand we cannot offer bullet fit advice We recommend you ask in our forums or the good folks at The Cast Bullet Association regarding what typically works.
  What if I can’t find what I am looking for?
      We manufacture custom moulds for several forums via the group buy mechanism. Typically we require a minumum commitment of 15-20 moulds.   If you want a mould nobody seems to have, ask us, we can probably make it.
  Where are your moulds made?
      We manufacture our products from American made materials right here in Utah.   We source from American companies and support American workers.