The Switch

We have had a lot of questions on why the new site.  I am posting the answers below rather than answering emails individually.

Why the switch?

Short answer, because we had to.   Longer answer, the old system was beginning to show its age and the features we most wanted were either problematic or not possible.

Examples are: there was no way to combine the login for the site and the login for the forums so it was possible to have a site user and a forum user with the same name who were not the same person. (Problem).

The Security of the site had recently been called into question (although was never at risk) due to a change in the way browsers handle certificates.  The old site didn’t give us a way to fix that.

What did we switch to?

The New system is WordPress which is the most popular platform on the web for site building using an ecommerce solution of equal popularity so we should have plenty of road in front of us before reaching the same point again.

What do I need to do?

We have ported over the user information and are working on bringing over the order histories.  You will need to login using the email address you used on the old site and reset your password.  For security reasons, we did not even attempt to extract passwords from the old site as it did not seem wise.   The forums are now integrated so there is no separate login to the forum.  To use the forums, login to the site and you are ready to go.

What is new?

The first thing people will probably notice is better organization and integration.  We have tried to make it very simple to find the bullet dimensions of all our products and to find the moulds that are in stock and ready to ship in a few clicks.  Under the hood, forum integration now means you don’t have to login twice to buy a mould and talk about it.   We have a lot of other new tricks up our sleeves too like product bundles, quantity discounts, flash sales etc.   The new software is much more versatile and we expect it to provide some functions our customers grow to really appreciate in the coming months.

What do I do if I find a problem?

These are bound to occur and we try and address them as rapidly as possible.   We have already made no less than 60 changes since the first preview of the site was released in order to make it easier for people to navigate and improve the site.  If you find a problem, please let us know about it using the contact us form.

When will the old site go away?

Soon, we have to make sure all history is ported to the new site before the old can be retired completely, but sales from the old site will be curtailed when the new site goes live to prevent inventory problems.  Access to the old forums will be allowed for roughly a month as private messages will not be moved to the new site.  This will allow time for users to either export their PMs to CSV as allowed by the software or write down any pertinent info they may need.

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