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Author Topic: 300 Blk Bullet for dummies (easy to cast, powder coat, and load bullet for subs)  (Read 1376 times)


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Take the Lee 309-230-5R, straighten out the boat tail to a cylinder, make the body bands .309", and change the nose to a straight taper from the front band at a 3° included angle down to .298" diameter, then a secant ogive on to the point, which probably ought to be hemispherical.  No bore rider.  It has no choice but to fit no matter the coating thickness on the nose, just seat a few thousandths deeper if your coating is extra thick.

Also think about the .30 xcb bullet nose, something very much like that in fitment concept is what I'm suggesting, but with a more stretched out unsupported nose section and more length on the base end to get the weight up.  220 grains is going to be tough to get to fit as I'm describing, but if I have time this weekend I'll try to sketch something out.

Did my comments on microbands (displacement grooves, really) make sense?  Ths is a subsonic bullet operating at .45acp pressures or less, it needs very little bearing surface and if you want something versatile size-wise, it will need to be easy to size without excessive extrusion of the whole body portion. Breaking up the surface with tumble-lube grooves lets just the surface displace when sizing or firing it, rather than crunching all the dendrites in the body portion and drawing the bullet out lengthwise as is the case with a solid cylinder.
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