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What you would like to see ran / Re: 360-168-SWC 360429, anyone else??
« Last post by wrench on Today at 08:40:31 PM »
Yay!!!! 8)
Post Your Pictures and Videos / Ingot Making Day (500+ LBS)
« Last post by cornmastah on Today at 02:29:28 PM »
Short(ish) video showing my latest lead processing day.
Group Buy Discussions / Re: HTC .264 BT-GC bullet.
« Last post by cornmastah on Today at 01:58:21 PM »
Any modifications you'd like to see on the bullet?
I'd like to try a BT and a PB
LAST CALL / Re: HTC359-129-TC (11)
« Last post by dromia on Today at 10:29:12 AM »
List updated.
LAST CALL / Re: HTC359-129-TC (10)
« Last post by halleck on Today at 09:39:00 AM »
Is this group buy still open? I'm searching for a 357 SIG HP/TC mold and this looks perfect.

If possible, please put me down for an RG4 in aluminum.
Group Buy Discussions / Re: HTC .264 BT-GC bullet.
« Last post by Dr-Greg on Today at 01:43:00 AM »
I'd like to try a BT and a PB
Group Buy Discussions / Re: How about a Saeco #420
« Last post by wheelgun on Today at 01:33:36 AM »
Yeah I’d be in for a slightly heavier bullet than the #420, especially if there was a hollow base option. I’m mostly interested for 44-40, so nose length is also an issue for me though.
Try tipping the mould a little to one side or the other.
If you are bottom pouring it could be the way the melt is entering the nose.
Have a 311299 that is that way - just a thought.

Bullet maker, maker
Al Nelson
It sounds that you have done the break-in process correctly. So I am not suggesting that you have done anything wrong. I have several moulds that have behaved like that the first time I use them. Usually on the second or third time they are heated and 40 or 50 casts are made they get fully broken-in and will make great bullets. You could try adjusting the temp up or down too and recleaning of the cavities if it doesn't clear itself up. I have always felt that these moulds are like women...they are all about the same but they like different things. So you have to find out how they work. That's why I keep records for some of the moulds and temps that they work best at.
Casting and Reloading / Frosting on bullets but the mould and mix is not too hot ???
« Last post by Slug Gun on September 20, 2018, 11:46:44 AM »
I’m casting some .30 cal. bullets (206 gr.) and I’m getting frosting on the sides of the bullets nose. The mould is not too hot and neither is the mix. At first I thought it was just cosmetic but when I inspected them and measured the nose diameter , they were .300” as they should be at the non-frosted areas of the nose but .002” to .003” smaller at the frosted areas.
The mould is new but I cleaned them in hot soapy water using Dawn soap , rinsed them, cycled it four times on a hot plate and smoked them. The frosting is just ahead of the first groove on the nose about 50% of the way forward to the point of the bullet.
I’m out of ideas to fix this problem since I’ve followed all the instructions and if anything, my mix was cooler then it should have been most of the casting session and I don’t believe the frosting is from heat.
Suggestions ?
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