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Forum Questions / Problems / Rossi 92 Scope Mount Bases
« Last post by RangeR77 on Today at 09:08:14 PM »
Do you have any plans to make a mount for the Rossi 92 with octagon barrels?
Favorite loads / Re: Load Data for HTC459-354-FN in 458 SOCOM
« Last post by LouieLouie on Today at 07:55:34 PM »
But, without changing the powder's properties, it still isn't any more useful than any other powder in QL, in regards to .458 SOCOM.
QL can't handle the cartridge unless you tweak a lot of variables. 
I agree - Not only do you need the actual case capacity after firing in your chamber but adjusting the burn rate ("Ba") *AFTER* measuring the Bulk Density:

I will take a larger cartridge - my 9.3x62 for example - and with a long drop tube trickle the powder in up to the mouth of the case then measure it, repeat 3X for an average. Then model a flat-base bullet to have 0.0 seating depth, put in the average weight of the powder charge and then adjust Bulk Density until "Filling/L.R." is 100%.

I'll perform a ladder test to get the data points to adjust the Ba after all this. I did this with the Grendel data I posted recently.

I've read that the industry 'standard' for canister powders is +/- 3% burn rate variation while Hodgdon tries to hold theirs to 2% variation.
Like the Pirates Code, QL is a "guideline"...
We all know that changing primers results in the need to adjust our handloads and QuickLoad provides a default 'initial starting pressure' that could be adjusted from the minimal WOLF primers up to the Federal GM Lg Rifle Magnum Match but without the pressure trace analysis it's difficult  to determine what that is.
I've tried some velocity measurements with said WOLF primers up to Winchester Magnums trying to use that initial pressure value to affect the velocity change after reading this article: but I my results were less than spectacular at assigning a value to a primer.
You mentioned in your Pressure Study notes your pressure-trace analysis experience so I thought I'd ask about it pertaining to primers. Especially if we are loading to lower densities & pressures and for OCD guys like me who try to substantiate these variables.
LAST CALL / Re: 459-500-L (11)
« Last post by dromia on Today at 06:06:29 AM »
List updated.
Group Buy Discussions / 30XCB / Ranch Dog Hybrid
« Last post by Bigslug on Today at 06:04:49 AM »
I have a couple of milsurp .308's that are a little fussy on their feeding, and so I would like a mold that makes a bullet with a nose like this:

However, I have had EXTREMELY good luck with the Ranch Dog .308 tumble lube system combined with the NOE push through sizing system to seat my gas checks, and I would therefore like my bullet to have a rear section like this:

My thought is that this would be the perfect .308 gas gun or finicky bolt gun bullet.

Anybody want to help me build this Ark?
LAST CALL / Re: 459-500-L (10)
« Last post by andarxx on Today at 01:59:57 AM »
I'm in for a 4 cavity PB
LAST CALL / Re: 459-500-L (10)
« Last post by 762sultan on Today at 01:33:22 AM »
GregP42 don't get too excited because there are 3 molds in "closed buys" and 2 molds on last call and who knows how many molds to fill out of stock items plus the all important air rifle molds. At the rate it's going it could be Labor Day when you find it in your mailbox. Hope I'm wrong.
LAST CALL / Re: 459-500-L (10)
« Last post by GregP42 on March 20, 2019, 04:23:16 AM »
Dances in the street!

Sweet, now to wait for the email from Al :)

How about a four cavity  HTC .452-300gr plain base with hollow point option.
 I have a 450 bushmaster and I think this would be a plinking pig killing sledgehammer
Group Buy Discussions / Re: H&G 51 GC
« Last post by 762sultan on March 19, 2019, 06:27:26 PM »
Did Al draw up a version of the gas check one? Hope it is heavier than the plain base  as 158 seems light especially if you shoot a 357 rifle. Any idea what the weight of original H&G mold was?

I did a search on Google of H&G molds and couldn't find an example of a #51 with a GC. That doesn't mean they didn't make them.. it's just that their info is somewhat confusing. Would like to see a line drawing for it.... might be interested.
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