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I would like a mold to cast a copy of Beartooth Bullets 45-70 pile driver Jr 460-425gr WFN with a .375 meplat Gas Check bullet.  I'm not sure if this has been offered or not.  I did see the Ranch Dog offering but it did not have the .375 meplat.  Would there be any others interested in this?



What you would like to see ran / older version ranch dog 30_30 bullet?
« on: February 17, 2016, 08:35:58 PM »
Looking in the store inventory, this bullet is zero in stock for gas check version. There is a plain base in the store inventory but I need the Gas Check.  I was wondering if you have any plans to run this in the near future? If so, I would like a 4 cavity, gas check, RG-4, drilled for probe, set of handles, sprue lube and wrench, and saeco top punch in brass. I will settle for aluminum if brass not available. Let me know a appx timeline of when you anticipate being able to fill this request. I would bet there are a few others who would jump in on this if asked.

I am hoping it will be in time to let my grandson cast his own (with my supervision) and work up loads for his first deer hunt in Oct using his great granddad's older JM marlin 30-30. This is the same rifle his father (my son) used to take his first buck at 10yrs old with a perfectly placed 311041 bullet with a running, quartering away, 125 yd shot 21years ago and it will be passed on to him for his 10th birthday this May.  Thanks!  Zeus

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