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I managed to get a couple of nice fox squirrels with my Xisico 705-9 using 217-30-FN BBT's in hollow point (RG mold), the neat part about it was I shot them both in probably less than 2-3 minutes from each other, I was sitting on a 5 gal bucket, shot them both at about 30 yards, I shot the first one, had to spin 180 degrees on the bucket because another one started barking behind me after shooting the first.

I modified this gun opening the ports up, the power setting on it was 4 1/2

Here's a video I made from video clips I took while out there.

Post Your Pictures and Videos / Here's my last hunting video.
« on: October 01, 2020, 03:17:38 AM »
I was using my Xisico Sentry 705-9 .22 on this hunt shooting the HP 217-30-FN RG that come out to about 27.5 grain using pure lead.
This gun I have modified by opening up the ports from the valve to the transfer port but no need to open up the three radial barrel
ports on it because with the diameters of the barrel ports added up is well over what the ports feeding it are.

Here's the youtube video

This gun is becoming one of my main go to guns because the darned thing is so accurate.

Yesterday I also cast up some more of the wad cutters in 16.5g (217-17-WC)  mainly for shooting in my Vintage
collection of Crosman 150's that I went hog wild buying from ebay when the price was right, people are getting
rediculous amounts for them now.  I think these wad cutters will do well in about any co2 gun if they're kept
under 700fps because wad cutters inherently will open up considerably if going too fast.

Here's a short video clip doing a 5 yard group from my favorite Croman 150.

I ordered another gun from Midway, It's a Hatsan Vortex Striker 1000x gas ram, a fellow member on GTA recommended I take a look, what I saw was something I figured would shoot my 22 grain wad cutters in .25 from the 250-22-WC mold. I got the gun a week ago and been shooting it a bunch since them with the wad cutters.  The gun is shooting them at 655fps with 20fpe from the muzzle which is IMO a decent speed to shoot airgun wads.

Here's a video from hunting this morning, I sure have fun shooting my cast stuff.

The first video I recovered the slug, it mushroomed nicely

This video here I also recovered and HP slug as well, these hunts were only 2 days apart.   I got a hybrid that day also but it was a through shot.
These slugs are going about 800fps and they weigh 27.5 grains for 39fpe . . . the gun is regulated too.

I cast my second batch yesterday morning with pretty good results, the average weight of the ones that I cast were about 16.5 grains.  That might change a little after casting more with this mold but I'm pretty happy with the way they are performing shooting about 5 yards at a target of a daisy in a flower pot.  It was about a 15% reject on this run but hopefully I can improve on that, they were all bad  skirts.

The day before yesterday I nailed a crow at 60-70 yards in the top of a tree out on state land hunting.  The crow I swear seen me and knew I was there with my orange hat, I moved very slowly getting it in the glass and nailed it big time.  It made one last lame caw on it's way down with a thump.

When I loaded my clips in the morning I used the most recent casting of these pellets.

What you would like to see ran / 217-30-FN BBT's
« on: February 07, 2019, 11:48:34 PM »
I'm curious if NOE plans on making more of these molds because personally I'd like to get the HP version in brass if at all possible.  I've also noticed there's more folks using these slugs than I realized, they seem to be a fairly popular mold.

You wouldn't believe all the PM's that I've gotten with people wanting to buy them from me but I'd rather use them myself, right now I'm starting to get low on them, looks like I'll have to cast some more.

My Prod loves the 23 grain Magnum hunters from the 217-24-RF mold if I happen to have a tree to lean on it makes them that much better, it's accurate is all I can say.

I decided to make a video weighing pellets to show those who are interested in casting for airguns just how close the weights of the 250-27-RFs with the long pin (lightest pellet)can get from this fine mold.  I've been shooting these a lot recently and simply love them.

I've always wanted to cast good pellets but never could until NOE started making fantastic pellet molds, I prefer the brass molds myself and when I pour I use a method some folks call "Pressure Pouring", I use my old Lyman enclosed ladle with a pour nipple on it held directly to the sprue plate, then I tip both back and forth.  I learned this a long time ago making mini balls for my Remington Zouave (jeeze 40 years ago) because using this method I could get the skirts to fill good every time.  Well I'm finding it also works fantastic for pellets as well.   I must also add a thousand thanks to Swede and Bob S. for their excellent effort to bringing these molds to us, they don't come any better.

I'll post three different pics of pellets from three different molds, my mold for the 250-34-RF is a 4 cavity, the 250-27-RF and 217-24-RF are both 2 cavity.  So far I've only been using the lightest pellets for all three (longest pins) because the performance for all three has been exceptional.  All three different pellets shoot extremely well at 900fps.

These pellets are beasts out of my DAR25 but there's no doubt there's probably many other air guns that they'll perform excellent from.  The last tune that I shot these with I was doing 62fpe and the ideal weight I found to be 34.5grains.

The ideal weight I've found for these pellets @26grains out of my DAR25 after detuning slings them at 905fps@47fpe

I'm using the 22 "Magnum Hunters" at about 850fps from my DAR22 which weigh 23 grains and I even shot a fox squirrel and black squirrel with it this morning.  My modified Prod loves these to doing about 32fpe.

Swede I'm really looking forward the the 22 "Hunter" mold when it's in the store, hopefully soon ;D

Air Guns / I sure like the new pellet molds
« on: October 04, 2018, 02:38:28 PM »
I think my most recent castings were from the 217-27-RF mold but the day before that I cast a bunch of the 250-27-RF pellets.  Since then I've shot them both with my Prod and my DAR25.  When I cast the last .22 Magnum Hunters it was in the low 40's where I was casting them early in the morning on my back porch, the pellets came out great but they were much darker in color than last time that I cast them.  They still weigh the same, measure the same and shoot the same except for the color.  They might be a tiny bit harder but not enough to tell any difference shooting them.   The run that I had with the 250-27-RF's was a fantastic run with only about 26 rejects from a little over 300 of them.  They are nothing less than exceptional in my opinion and the accuracy with them from my DAR25 is also exceptional.

I'm not really a target shooter I mainly use my airguns for hunting anywhere from 10-50 yards and I feel comfortable shooting either of these calibers in these guns out to 50 yards.

My Prod is shooting them at an average of 32fpe

My DAR25 is getting 47fpe at about 905fps

Air Guns / First run with my 217-24-RF
« on: September 12, 2018, 04:44:43 AM »
The first thing I did was wash the mold in dish soap, rinse in hot water and dry quickly as possible.  I adjusted the pins to where I though they would work the best however one of them did loosen up just a tad when I checked the mold after letting it cool down.  Out of three hundred cast approximately I only rejected about 70 of them because of the flash mainly.  I did a quick scope adjustment on the terrible scope that I have on my DAR22 (my latest gun purchase), it's a Centerpoint which are about the bottom of the line for scopes that says 3-9X but anything above 3 gets worse the more you zoom.  I did zero it in at 20 yards on 3X before I went to the state land to really try these pellets out.  I did get a silver dollar sized group on 3X at 40 yards with it which I consider just fine.  I then headed to a good red squirrel spot and got a nice head shot kinda just behind the ear of a red squirrel which dropped him right where she was but need another shot to the rear of her head to really put her down.
The first clip of the video was shot with my DAR177.

Most all of the pellets were very close to 23 grains and look really good.  Al I think you hit a home run with this mold because they even seem to shoot better than the H&N's I tried in the gun previously which were 21 grain.

I also was getting some whiskers on the air channels in the mold but running the mold a little cooler gets rid of them. The mold never really gets hot enough to warp the way that I make them with the spout of my enclosed ladle that fits perfectly into the sprue plate, I then do a 90 degree tilt back and forth and the skirts come out perfect.

At the present tune I'm getting about 860fps with them and I think they'd be happy at 900fps too, for those of you with the Mrods in .22 this pellet will probably shoot really good out of them too.

Air Guns / 217-30-FN-BJ5
« on: July 14, 2018, 03:20:38 AM »
I have nothing bad to say about these molds at all, they shoot remarkably in my SPA M16.  I cast over 400 of them yesterday morning early yesterday (before daybreak on my back porch with dim lighting) brought them inside after I was done and they all looked pretty darned good so I just had to head for the state land. When looking at my first five shots I was very pleased at the one hole grouping I was getting from them so I tweeked the scope for a good zero at about 30 yards and started hunting for them elusive red squirrels, well I did get a nice one and a chipper which were both head shots and lights out.

I can see an HP brass mold of this design in the near future, from what Bob said they really shoot real good. 

My gun has a 1 in 20" twist and I think that probably has a lot to do with how well these shoot in the gun too.

My gun has been modified some, right not I'm getting almost 43fpe with the boat tails, I was getting about 42fpe with the JSB25.39 Monsters but I really won't need to order pellets for this gun anymore, looks like casting is taking over.

I mad a short video/pics mp4 a couple days ago for posting the the GTA forum, this is it.

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