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copy of Beartooth Bullets 45-70 pile driver Jr 460-425gr WFN with a .375 meplat Gas Check bullet.

Wow, I cant believe no one else is interested in this bullet mold.  Both Pile Driver's (525 grain and 425 grain) cycle fantastic from all my lever rifles and from my Siamese mauser smoother than any other bullet I have used.  Penetration is fantastic!  If it wasn't for bearthooth's LONG lead time, this is the only bullet I would consider not casting for myself.  Last order was placed in February and just received last week.  I'm hoping to get enough interest so I can get my own mold without going somewhere else.  Chime in if you would be interested in getting this bullet mold on the mill...



I would like a mold to cast a copy of Beartooth Bullets 45-70 pile driver Jr 460-425gr WFN with a .375 meplat Gas Check bullet.  I'm not sure if this has been offered or not.  I did see the Ranch Dog offering but it did not have the .375 meplat.  Would there be any others interested in this?



Archived Buys / Re: 454-280-WFN
« on: July 28, 2016, 04:21:57 PM »
"I Want"
Put me down for a 2 cavity, aluminum, Solid, Plain Base, drilled for probe and Lyman Top Punch.

Thanks for the reminder 782 Sultan! :)



Casting and Reloading / Re: Problem with 454-273-RG4
« on: March 24, 2016, 06:45:13 AM »
I wonder if the nose is still soft when it drops out of the mold? Do you know your mold temperature when you open?  Have you tried letting it cool longer than usual before opening mold? With everything you have tried, I'm thinking the nose might be getting damaged (out of round) when it's falling or releasing from the mold. I've not seen it before but, could it be the pins are too hot and holding heat and the nose still too hot when it shakes loose from pins?  Otherwise, something in mold could be out of spec (I've see this with Lee).  May be time to ask Al as you've tried all I can think of including handle fit and pressure.  Good luck!


Archived Buys / Re: 432-277-SWC (KEITH) -42- GB264 "2/29"
« on: March 23, 2016, 07:52:13 PM »
I guess I can't resist after all EVEN if no gas check is available ;D.

Dromia, put me down for a 5 cavity, PB, Aluminum, SWC solid, .432 diameter mold.  Add the following options; Drilled for probe, both Lyman and SAECO top punches and sprue plate lube.  I'm going to give it a try with one of Pat's PB check makers on my .444 Marlin. Should be great on my Super Redhawk too!

One question; How long is it expected to be before this is "on the mill"?  It's been dangling in front of me too long and now, "I Want" this one

Casting and Reloading / Re: Weight Variance
« on: March 23, 2016, 03:35:32 AM »
First time at the mold...not bad then considering it's a hollow base. Practice will improve things for sure. Consistency is the key. My guess on your large weight spread is likely due to the positioning of your pins each time you fill the mold. Take a close look at how they are supposed to be positioned when you close the mold ensuring each time that it's the same each pour. This will create your hollow base the same depth for each Bullet. Even just .001-.002 difference of the pins position will affect your final weights by having one hollow base deeper than the other.  Keep your mold hot and your pins as hot or hotter. At first, as you learn to pour consistently from either the ladle or bottom pour furnace, it might be easier if keeping the melt a bit hotter too.  Just do everything the same each time, clean your range scrap by fluxing it well.  Make sure you are getting nice sharp filled out corners. When up see rounded edges or bases, you will also have variances.  Depending on your scrap, you may need to sweeten it with a little tin to get help getting a good fill out a little easier. Keep practicing and don't get discouraged.  It took a lot of practice for everyone I know to pour good bullets (and using a quality mold like NOE helps more than you can imagine).  Each mold is different and will have its unique quirks when casting.  Again, practice and consistency is the key.  Good luck and have fun!!  Zeus

Casting and Reloading / Re: Weight Variance
« on: March 22, 2016, 01:52:56 AM »
So far I have been able to keep the weights around 2 grains of each other. When I weighed bullets that were cast out of another mold without a thermometer the spread could go as high as 5 grains.

Are you meaning 2 (two) grains and 5 (five) full grains OR .2 (two tenths) and .5 (five tenths) of a grain? 

For me, two grains variance would be rejected and remelted later.  For my serious hunting bullets, I cull everything with a larger than 1/2 grain difference from the lot average (meaning only keep plus or minus five tenths of a grain. For target or competition shooting, I prefer to be even closer and separate + or - .3 (three tenths) of a grain max variance.

For my plinking bullets, I use a plus + or minus - standard of 1 (one) grain from the average of the lot poured.


Archived Buys / Re: 360-172-SWC (KEITH) -44- GB262 "ON THE MILL"
« on: March 15, 2016, 12:14:05 PM »
Almost here!!!! One of two packages received. My handles and temp meter came in today's mail.  Hopefully it will be dropping some great bullets this weekend! Thanks Al for the quick shipping. Its appreciated!  Zeus

I received package 2 of 2 containing my RG-4 Brass mold and accessories in Saturday's mail.  Thank you N.O.E for going ahead an adding in the discount code even though I didn't apply the code as instructed. That's fantastic customer service!!  As for the mold itself, everyone is absolutely correct in the statements they have made that Al's and N.O.E.'s  work on this IS indeed a work of art!  Its a beautiful mold!!

Sunday, I washed it off with Blue Dawn (original) dish washing liquid and ran it though a seasoning process similar to one I read about in a thread from Goodsteel with his 35XCB.  After a good washing, I put the RG-4 mold and pins in the oven at 425° F for 1 hour then let it cool for another hour.  I repeated this heating and cooling process a 4 more times (total 5 cycles).  The pins turned a nice blueish color and the mold has started to get a nice patina color going on it.  I then installed the new pair of N.O.E. handles and will begin pouring some bullets this Saturday on my next day off.  Although I have been casting for a few years for my rifles and handguns using Ideal, Lyman, RCBS, Lee mold (and a borrowed N.O.E. mold), this will be my first attempt at casting Hollow Point bullets and my first time using a brass mold.  I'm looking forward to it and will post some pictures of the results on Sunday or Monday.  Thanks again AL for the great work and fantastic customer service.


Casting and Reloading / Re: what do I need?
« on: March 11, 2016, 12:55:58 AM »
I think you might have something there. Now, some of the terminology used is all starting to make sense...yep, now I'm sure you are right.

What you would like to see ran / Re: .432 275 XWFN
« on: March 10, 2016, 04:42:11 PM »
Pending a look at the drawing, I'd be interested too.  Sounds like a great idea. ;D

I'd also be interested in this weight for my 18" barreled 444 Marlin bolt action (Turkish Mauser 98). It loves the 265 grain bullets but a XWFN would be nice to try.


Casting and Reloading / Re: what do I need?
« on: March 10, 2016, 04:37:56 PM »
I think topic opener use Airgun for hunting. Guessing for mold/s which He has listed...

I know my eyes are getting old but I didn't see any reference to the op saying anything about  air gun hunting.  I only see the question "What do I need"....I'm not saying its not there, I just dont see it.

However, I was wondering what he was using and what was he going to hunt when he said he wanted to get quality hunting slugs for his gun.

If he'll chime in with more specifics on his exact needs, I'm sure we can get him steered in the right direction.  There are so many considerations not mentioned yet such as lubes, sizing, designs that will fit his need.  I still say its best to start with a few good books on the subject and that the Lyman 4th edition is a good place to start. Also the articles on the LASC website are great too!  Here's a good book on PDF that a good reference.

good luck!


Casting and Reloading / Re: what do I need?
« on: March 09, 2016, 09:04:29 AM »
Along with this mold I will also need to get all the tools I need for casting. I am going to list my shopping list and can you guys please let me know if I'll need anything else?

6. Set of top punches

Is there anything else I will need to start casting or does that cover it? Can someone explain the top punches and RG blank pin sets,  the difference and what they are for?

Good Morning,
Just a quick response as I'm sure others will chime in with additional details.  The top punches are used with a bullet lube sizing press such as the Lyman, RCBS or SAECO offerings.  This is the part that fits the shape of the nose of your bullet so its not deformed during the Lubricating and sizing process.  To use the top punches, you will also need the appropriate lube sizing die and lube sizer press (i.e. Lyman 45, 450, 4500,  RCBS Lube a matic, SAECO etc).  Here are a few from midway:

You can also do without these and lube by hand, pan lube or tumble lube as many do with good success.  You only need the top punches if you are using one of the appropriate lube sizers.

As for the blank sets of pins, you will only need these if you want to custom make you own pins.  Most if not all of the RG style molds come with a set already made up for cast HP, flat nose, and cupped point bullets.  My recommendation is to buy the cast handloading manual such as the LYMAN CAST Bullet Handbook like this one:

Hope that helps a little...


Archived Buys / Re: 360-172-SWC (KEITH) -44- GB262 "ON THE MILL"
« on: March 07, 2016, 10:14:49 PM »
Almost here!!!! One of two packages received. My handles and temp meter came in today's mail. I think the brass trim on the handles will balance nicely and really look nice on the brass RG-4.  I hope the package containing the mold with accessories will be delivered in tomorrow's mail.  I cant wait to get it washed and seasoned with 4 or 5 cycles at 450 deg in the oven. Hopefully it will be dropping some great bullets this weekend! Thanks Al for the quick shipping. Its appreciated!  Zeus

Archived Buys / Re: 432-277-SWC (KEITH) -27- GB264 "2/29"
« on: March 04, 2016, 04:33:21 PM »
Quote from: dromia link=topic=1300.msg12690#msg12690 date=14570889

This is plain base only as per the original post.
[/quote are right. I thought I saw gas check but it must have been wishful thinking.  I see now that it is indeed PB only.  I will have to pass on this one. My 444 velocities are to high to be without one.  Thanks again and good luck.  Zeus

Archived Buys / Re: 432-277-SWC (KEITH) -27- GB264 "2/29"
« on: March 04, 2016, 03:09:14 AM »
"I WANT" to get in on this one for my 18" barreled Turkish Mauser 98 .444 Marlin and Taurus 8-3/4 barrel 44 Mag.  I will take a Aluminum, RG-4 Gas Check, Hollow Point, drilled for probe with both a Lyman Top and SAECO punch, .432 dia..  Thanks in advance!  Zeus

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