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Air Guns / Re: .357 cal NOE Pellet Comparison
« on: October 24, 2020, 09:52:42 PM »
Excellent results from the NOE molds Bob.  I really like how well that slug performed, makes me want to get a big bore seeing those results.

I managed to get a couple of nice fox squirrels with my Xisico 705-9 using 217-30-FN BBT's in hollow point (RG mold), the neat part about it was I shot them both in probably less than 2-3 minutes from each other, I was sitting on a 5 gal bucket, shot them both at about 30 yards, I shot the first one, had to spin 180 degrees on the bucket because another one started barking behind me after shooting the first.

I modified this gun opening the ports up, the power setting on it was 4 1/2

Here's a video I made from video clips I took while out there.

Post Your Pictures and Videos / Here's my last hunting video.
« on: October 01, 2020, 03:17:38 AM »
I was using my Xisico Sentry 705-9 .22 on this hunt shooting the HP 217-30-FN RG that come out to about 27.5 grain using pure lead.
This gun I have modified by opening up the ports from the valve to the transfer port but no need to open up the three radial barrel
ports on it because with the diameters of the barrel ports added up is well over what the ports feeding it are.

Here's the youtube video

This gun is becoming one of my main go to guns because the darned thing is so accurate.

Yesterday I also cast up some more of the wad cutters in 16.5g (217-17-WC)  mainly for shooting in my Vintage
collection of Crosman 150's that I went hog wild buying from ebay when the price was right, people are getting
rediculous amounts for them now.  I think these wad cutters will do well in about any co2 gun if they're kept
under 700fps because wad cutters inherently will open up considerably if going too fast.

Here's a short video clip doing a 5 yard group from my favorite Croman 150.

Yesterday I cast up some more of the 16.5 grain wad cutters from the 217-17-WC and I'll be casting up some more this morning.
I only use pure lead on these small projectiles, it seems to do the best job for pellets and I never have too much problem filling everything out using the pressure pour method
with the nose of a hooded ladle held directly to the sprue plate and tilting mold and ladle simultaneously.

Cornmash casting my own ammo is so rewarding with my ariguns.  Opening day of squirrel season I got six Squirrels with my Air Venturi Avenger using the 250-27-RF casting with the longest pin and mine all come right about 26 grains.

I did get another red squirrel after the first five.

I ordered another gun from Midway, It's a Hatsan Vortex Striker 1000x gas ram, a fellow member on GTA recommended I take a look, what I saw was something I figured would shoot my 22 grain wad cutters in .25 from the 250-22-WC mold. I got the gun a week ago and been shooting it a bunch since them with the wad cutters.  The gun is shooting them at 655fps with 20fpe from the muzzle which is IMO a decent speed to shoot airgun wads.

Here's a video from hunting this morning, I sure have fun shooting my cast stuff.

Bob I really like them for hunting a lot, I shot a ground hog with mine the day before yesterday.  I'll also post the video link as well.
The slug started out as a 27.5 grain and ended up 26 grain, forgot to fish around for fragments with the metal detecting probe.

Here's the video link:
I first got the red squirrel then returned to my truck heading west, got to my truck seen the ground hog too late, had a few gulps from my diet coke while I was at my truck then headed west to a patch of woods where I'd gotten a fox squirrel on the previous day and shot another one only much bigger.  On my way back to the truck I took a path so I could be more stealth in coming out of the woods and sure enough the ground hog was back and I had a perfect snipe behind the ear of it at about 30 yards.

The first video I recovered the slug, it mushroomed nicely

This video here I also recovered and HP slug as well, these hunts were only 2 days apart.   I got a hybrid that day also but it was a through shot.
These slugs are going about 800fps and they weigh 27.5 grains for 39fpe . . . the gun is regulated too.

Another plinking video with my Crosman 150

Air Guns / Re: NOE .22 cal Pellet Moulds
« on: October 01, 2019, 09:16:44 PM »
I am happy with the 217-17-WC pellets, having great luck with them in my pistols and have tried them in my co2 carbine out to 30 feet and they're doing a great job.

I cast my second batch yesterday morning with pretty good results, the average weight of the ones that I cast were about 16.5 grains.  That might change a little after casting more with this mold but I'm pretty happy with the way they are performing shooting about 5 yards at a target of a daisy in a flower pot.  It was about a 15% reject on this run but hopefully I can improve on that, they were all bad  skirts.

I've also been shooting these pellets from both my ATI's the Freedom and Liberty both and they're both very accurate from those guns.  I really should try some of these from my Airmax Dominator as well.  All my Crosmans love them.

Air Guns / Re: 217-30-HP BBTs Now in the Store !!!!
« on: July 28, 2019, 08:12:07 AM »
I bought the RG mold in brass and I'm very impressed with how well they're shooting from my Airmax Dominator.

Things like this happen on rain days, I recently picked me up a new laser printer and am making some use of it.

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