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Forum Questions / Problems / Has anyone been able to contact NOE?
« Last post by basscop2 on July 21, 2021, 07:24:25 PM »
I ordered a mold on May 30th. I got the confirmation email and then 2 days later got an email the order was filled. It was then delivered.
I then ordered a mold on July 2nd. I got the confirmation email the same day. I have gotten nothing since. Almost 3 weeks.
Ive emailed, messaged thru my wife's Facebook and also tried calling numerous times. Can't leave a message as it says the mailbox is full and hangs up on me.

If anyone from NOE is listening my order # is 477078

Active Group Buys / Re: 412-218-RF (10)
« Last post by david s on July 20, 2021, 06:46:33 PM »
Reading the various post in this forum I get the impression that NOE is playing a serious game of catch up. This mould has been a slow burn since 2019 and has the officially needed 10 "I'm interested" to get to the Active Group Buy section but I'm thinking it could be awhile before Swede and crew have time to make a cutting tool and begin production. Patients may be a virtue here. Hopefully things will begin to get back to normal and this can move forward. Till then.
Active Group Buys / Re: 412-218-RF (10)
« Last post by Mike B. on July 19, 2021, 07:37:37 PM »
Hopefully we can get some more individuals to sign on that they are interested in this mould design too... so that hopefully the mould tooling can get made, & this design can come to fruition.
(RD) Closed Group Buys / генеральная уборка цена
« Last post by Duglasxnx on July 19, 2021, 12:23:44 PM »
Доброго времени суток господа.

Уборка квартир в Минске – услуга, которую мы предоставляем комплексно. Важную составляющую комфорта и уюта в квартире – порядок и чистоту, доверяют нам как профессионалам в клининговых услугах. Конечно, хочется минимизировать время и силы, потраченные на уборку и при этом сделать так, чтобы квартира «заблестела». Мы предлагаем быструю уборку в комнатах, на кухне, в санузле и коридоре безопасными моющими средствами! Наша команда специалистов справляется с любыми «особенностями» квартир. Даже запущенное состояние помещений не помешает нашим специалистам добиться 100% чистоты. Мы справляемся с работой вне зависимости от площади объекта и сложности уборки за счет использования специализированных средств и подбора наиболее оптимальных технологий уборки. В среднем процесс занимает 2-3 часа!
Мы можем предложить Вам
1)клининговые услуги в минске–оказываем постоянно по доступным ценам
2)уборка после ремонта минск-в офисных и домашних интерьерах
3)генеральная уборка минск-выполним качественно и оперативно
4)поддерживающая уборка минск-на любой выбор и вкус
5)уборка квартир в минске-различные виды уборки
6)клининговая компания минск-мы самые лучшие!
Более подробная информация размещена на нашем сайте
С уважением,коллектив «LADYCLEAN».
клининговая компания срочно
генеральная уборка кафе
генеральная уборка кухни
расценки на клининговые услуги
уборка офисов после ремонта
клининговая компания минск уборка квартир
генеральная уборка быстро
клининговая компания уборка офисов
услуги клининговых компаний в минске
уборка дома клининговая компания
уборка коттеджей после ремонта
генеральная уборка кабинета
клининговые компании 24
услуги профессиональной уборки клининговые услуги
клининговая компания мытье окон
клининговая компания уборка квартир цены
клининговая компания цены
поддерживающая уборка минск
клининговая компания минск уборка
генеральная уборка
обеспыливание стен и потолков после ремонта
клининговая компания уборка
уборка домов после ремонта
клининговая компания мойка
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ежедневная уборка
клининговая компания
клининговые услуги квартиры
предоставление клининговых услуг
генеральная уборка квартиры минск
уборка клининговой компанией цена
уборка после ремонта
генеральная уборка квартиры
уборка квартиры лучшая клининговая компания
клининговая компания стоимость
услуга клининга уборка квартир
клининговые услуги цены
уборка квартиры после ремонта минск
телефон клининговой компании
качественная уборка после ремонта
уборка квартиры
генеральная уборка квартиры цена
клининговые компании по уборке помещений
чистка плиты
круглосуточная клининговая компания
стоимость уборки после ремонта
стоимость уборки квартиры после ремонта
клининговая компания стоимость уборки
поддерживающая уборка
What you would like to see ran / Re: 269-163-RN-W6
« Last post by Sid on July 14, 2021, 10:52:05 AM »
Ordered my 4 cavity mold June 30th, received it July 2, Cast with it a couple of days later.

Dropped beautiful boolits with most dropping on opening the mold, the few that hung up in the mold just took a light tap to get them to release.

Some of the nicest boolits I've ever cast.

Spot on for size/weight.

Just have to get some loaded up and try them. Bought this for the Carcano, but I suspect I'll be trying them in the 6.5x55, the 6.5x53R and the 6.5x54 in addition to the 6.5x52.
What you would like to see ran / Re: 250-34-rf-br3 4 cavity aluim
« Last post by DesertSilver on July 13, 2021, 04:04:05 PM »
Al, if you happen to read this. how much trouble would it be to make the skirt dia. .268 instead of .258 on a couple of my molds ? This would make it like the old mk1 JSB's that you cant seem to get anymore . OK just got off the phone with Al and it is not doable at the moment but maybe in the future !!!

That would help me use them in my Sumatra. I have .25 cal Hunter mold and they just don't work in my sumatra mags.
Air Guns / Re: Any interest in .20 cal sizing dies .
« Last post by Mike B. on July 10, 2021, 07:00:24 PM »
I tend to think that you might potentially be asking for a sizing die kit ... that is not currently offered by NOE... What 20 caliber mould do you have that you need to size,... & to what diameter?

Attached is the link to the currently existing NOE sizing die offerings...
Air Guns / Re: Any interest in .20 cal sizing dies .
« Last post by nvreloader on July 10, 2021, 03:22:00 PM »
Is there any more info on the 20 cal molds/size dies?
What you would like to see ran / Re: 360-214-RG2 (GC)
« Last post by Mike B. on July 04, 2021, 08:10:36 PM »
Glad you are considering the brass version to feed your single shot.

You might possibly consider watching the nose shape, & your final sized diameter.

Most of the original barrels, & chambers were originally cut & basically setup for a .355 diameter bullet... not the .358 diameter for the 350 Legend.

Way back when we were taking input in regard to designing the 190 version ... I got the below response to my original diameter query back from a major cartridge manufacturer's that I originally posted on that forum design page early on... to that effect.

The SAAMI bore and groove diameter for 9mm and .357 diameter bullets are all the same, so any barrel designed for either bullet diameter should work, but all factory Winchester ammo uses a .355” diameter bullet and most SAAMI chambers don’t have enough clearance for .357” bullets with the Winchester brass (our brass has about .0005” thinner case wall and will chamber with .357 bullets in many chambers). The spec for the bullet in the SAAMI print is .354”-.357”.Winchester does advertise their ammo as using a .357” diameter bullet, when in fact they actually measure .355”. We believe this is because many states have a .357” caliber minimum. Ultimately the bullet diameter that you can use will be dictated by how much clearance is in your chamber since any bore diameter within spec will work with a .355”-.357” bullet. Most of the new bullets coming out (like the two new Hornady bullets) specifically for the .350 Legend are .355” diameter.

Simply ... A word to the wise...
Take Care & Stay Safe...
What you would like to see ran / Re: 360-214-RG2 (GC)
« Last post by C. Latch on July 04, 2021, 06:15:07 PM »
Thanks! I hadn't seen the brass mold in stock.

I have decided to go with a single shot and don't need the easy-to-feed shape of the 190 as much as I want the hollow point for subsonic use. I'm not a huge fan of brass but beggars can't be choosers so I'm going to have to consider getting the brass mold. Thanks again!

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