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357-190-RF (Legend Bullet)

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We will be running 2 cavity, 2 cavity Brass, 3 cavity, 4 cavity, 4 cavity Brass, 5 cavity
Top punch, wrenches and sprue lube are extras now if you want them

Prices will be our standard website prices ( )
2 cavity $79.00
2 cavity Brass $101.00
3 cavity $86.00
4 cavity $92.00
4 cavity Brass $114.00
5 cavity $99.00

Lyman/RCBS style Top Punch $5.00
Saeco style Top Punch $7.50
Mould Wrenches / Sprue Lube $2.50

Will run this as soon as we get 10 signed up and we get the tooling in.
Will have them listed on our website as a inventory item as soon as we have them ran
So you can use Pay-Pal, Credit Card or Check / Money order
Post a "I want" and receive a 15% discount off the website
We will PM a discount code for you to use at check out

If you have question - Visit our website or PM me

Bullet maker, maker
Al Nelson

List of orders:
1. Cornmastah 5 cavity GC aluminium
2. Mike B. 4 cavity GC aluminium
3. AlvinYork 5 cavity GC aluminium
4. AlvinYork 4 cavity GC brass
5. dreg 4 cavity 2PB 2GC aluminium
6. 376Steyr 5 cavity GC aluminium
7. SamFisher 4 cavity 2GC 2PB aluminium
8. 357Maximum 3 cavity GC aluminium
9. m-saunoras 4 cavity GC aluminium

Mike B.:
I want a 4 cavity GC Aluminum with a Lyman top punch and the teflon sprue plate upgrade please.

I want 5cav aluminum GC and 4cav Brass GC

List updated.


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