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Author Topic: HOW WE RUN OUR INVENTORY BUYS  (Read 183239 times)


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« on: July 23, 2016, 09:23:43 AM »

Inventory Buys start in the "What you would like to see ran" section
Moulds that are listed in inventory but out of stock are posted to see what the interest
is and start to get a idea of what kind of orders can be expected.
We still reserve the right to run any inventory item at any time - and this does not make
the item eligible for any kind of a discount at this time.
After a item has shown enough interest It is moved from the "What you would like to see ran"
section to the "Active Inventory Buy" section. This is were you place your order and can
check on the progress. When a buy gets 5 orders, it is scheduled to go to the shop.
At this time a last call is issued too. As soon as we can get it worked in to the schedule the buy is
ran and it is moved to the "Closed Inventory Buys" section. We try to do this in a timely manner.

As soon as a run comes off the mill it is posted on our website and a PM is sent with
ordering instruction  and a discount code. We offer a 15% discount on inventory runs through
our forum.   

If a run does not get 5 orders or it takes longer than 6 months to get 5 orders
it will be evaluated at that time and either will be closed or extended another 6 months.
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