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NOE 357-178-FN (Bob's Boat Tail) 
We will be running this like a inventory run

Calculated to stabilize in a 20 twist barrel.
We will be running 2 cavity, 2 cavity Brass, 3 cavity, 4 cavity, 4 cavity Brass, 5 cavity, RG2 cavity, RG2 cavity Brass,
RG4 cavity, RG4 cavity Brass, Bevel Base only. We will offer RG Hollow Point system with HP, FN and cup point pins.
Top punch, wrenches and sprue lube are extras now if you want them

All moulds will be assumed to be Aluminum unless Brass is requested!

Prices will be our standard website prices ( )
2 cavity $79.00
2 cavity Brass $101.00
3 cavity $86.00
4 cavity $92.00
4 cavity Brass $114.00
5 cavity $99.00
RG2 cavity $103.00
RG2 cavity Brass $125.00
RG4 cavity $133.00
RG4 cavity Brass $155,00

Lyman/RCBS style Top Punch $5.00
Saeco style Top Punch $7.50
Mould Wrenches / Sprue Lube $2.50

Will run this as soon as we get 10 signed up and we get the tooling in.
Will have them listed on our website as a inventory item as soon as we have them ran
So you can use Pay-Pal, Credit Card or Check / Money order
Post a "I want" and receive a 15% discount off the website
We will PM a discount code for you to use at check out

If you have question - Visit our website or PM me

Swede Nelson

List of orders:

Anyone considering this bullet should look at the slightly modified version already in the NOE Store....

The LOA was reduced slightly, and the nose diameter was reduced for easier loading in the Air Force Texan.... Here are the final dimensions.... It is 174 gr. as a FN, and 158 gr. as a HP....

The nose is now a "partial bore riding" design.... by that I mean it is slightly larger than the land diameter of the 9 mm or .357 barrels used in airguns, so will still engrave on the rifling.... but will be easier to load in guns with a short chamber like the Texan....



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