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: NOE 257420 BT and Short Version
: rsterne March 10, 2020, 07:14:34 PM
I cast a bunch of .257 bullets today.... I replaced the 260-80 RF GC 82.9 gr. bullets I used up testing my Condor, and then I tried out the 2 new moulds from NOE.... The first ones I did were the NOE 258-75-FN which is NOEs version of the 257420 but with a boattail and a smooth midbody just a few thou smaller than the lands.... Then I did the NOE 258-63-FN which is the same bullet but with the boattail removed.... Both moulds were RG4s, and I installed 2 HP pins and 2 FN pins in each mould…. The melt was 40:1 Rotometals (2.5% tin)….

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I am very pleased with the pressure pour modification I did to my Lee bottom pour pot.... It really helps fill out the mould, particularly the corner of the base, up against the sprue plate.... I have very few rejects, in fact on the 82.9 gr. bullet I only discarded 9 out of 190 back into the pot....  8)

The full length BT versions cast at 73.9 gr. for the FN version and 70.8 gr. for the HP.... The shorter version cast at 61.6 gr. for the FN and 58.3 gr. for the HP.... All the bullets dropped right at 0.260", but will size easily to 0.257".... I'm very happy with the new NOE moulds, and can't wait to try out these 4 new bullets....

: Re: NOE 257420 BT and Short Version
: wayne52 February 15, 2021, 07:53:04 AM
Bob that pressure pour mod that you made is definitely doing a good job for sure.