Our Machines

GENOS M560-V Mill

Highly rigid, thermally-stable construction allows this vertical machining center to withstand thermal deformation resulting in reduced thermal growth and improved machining performance. It can handle a variety of materials, from titanium to aluminum, and does so without sacrificing finish quality or productivity. Designed on the Thermo-Friendly Concept and controlled by the open-architecture, user-friendly OSP-P control.

We make all of our Mould blocks on the Genos machine. We use in-house built custom fixtures and custom programming to produce up to 70 blank mould blocks a day.

Haas VF3SS Mill

The Haas high-performance Super-Speed vertical machining centers provide the high spindle speeds, fast rapids and quick tool changes necessary for high-volume production and reduced cycle times. Each SS machine features a 12,000-rpm, inline direct-drive spindle, an ultra-fast side-mount tool changer, and high-speed rapids on all axes.   We produce many parts on our VF3SS including our Handles, Ingot Moulds, sprue plates, scope mounts and all of the secondary mill ops for the parts that come off our ST10 Lathe.


Haas ST10 Lathe

The ST-10 has a small footprint, yet provides a maximum capacity of 14″ x 16″, with a maximum part swing of 16.5″. The spindle turns to 6000 rpm, and the 15 hp vector drive system provides 75 ft-lb of cutting torque. A 6.5″ hydraulic chucking system and 12-station turret are standard.       We use our ST10 Lathe to make all of our lathe parts, that includes but is not limited to: Push through size die bodies, Push through size die bushings, manual and power tool chamfer tools, expander plugs, all of our RG pins for our moulds and also the bushings that we use in our mould blocks.

Haas Minimill

Running a small job on a big machine can be inefficient, and may even cut into profits. Haas Mini Mills provide an economical solution for small parts machining in a compact package that is loaded with full-size features.

Anca RGX 5 axis tool and cutter grinder

The 5-axis RGX regrinding machine features a bi-directional, direct-driven spindle, with two wheel packs accommodating up to three wheels per pack. This spindle design permits rapid spindle repositioning, and allows users to maintain two wheel pack setups within the machine for different tools and materials, such as HSS and carbide.    The Anca is our most recent purchase and now allows us complete control over the quality of our tools and our product. It allows us to make our own form tool and to make some custom cutters to help make better parts faster. This is something few, if any other bullet mould manufacturers can say they have.